See if you can spot our beautiful peacock!

He roams around the farm as he pleases, and he is often seen with his best friends the ducks, sharing their food


We have turkey and chicken chicks that you can gently hold and feed.

They do grow up quickly so sometimes we have tiny fluffy ones and other times they are a bit bigger.


Some of our rabbits are home bred, some were successfully hand bottle reared, some have been given to us as rescues by the RSPCA and others donated.

They are great to cuddle with and they might even eat some feed you give to them. 

Guinea Pigs

We have guinea pigs in lots of different colours and children love holding these lovely little animals.

(The tiny ones are kept safely away in our nursery until they are big enough for children to safely hold).

We often have guinea pigs and bunnies for sale.

Ask for details at the entrance.


We have three lambs at the moment but we will be getting smaller ones soon as our lambs are moving onto solid food now.

The lambs love being bottle fed, and everyone who feeds them loves it too!

They are really friendly and love a good cuddle.