We have seven ducks at the moment, but one duck is sitting on her eggs so hopefully we will have some ducklings soon.

Our ducks are lovely to go in with and sometimes eat feed from your hand.


Our pig is called Lady Marmalade and she is loved by everyone!

Although you can’t go in with her due to her size and strength, she is one of our most popular and funny animals.

She loves everyone talking to her and giving her some feed.


We have more chickens all the time when our baby chicks grow up.

They might even peck some feed from your hand if you are lucky!

If you do find a chicken egg it will have been freshly laid and you can take it home with you!


We have Mr Turkey, two Mother turkeys and lots of new baby turkey chicks!

The turkeys can be shy but they get braver when more people go in and give them feed.

Our turkeys are lovely and friendly. Lots of people have never seen a turkey in real life.

If you haven’t come along and see for yourself


We have a male Billy Goat, a Nanny goat and their three baby girl kids – Snow, Lucky and Cola.

The adult goats live with the alpaca and the baby goats live in the barn at night and in a pen the public can go into during the day.

They are very friendly and love playing with people.

Given the chance Cola is excellent at stepping stones (shame there’s not goat Olympics !)

The goats are great fun to feed.

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