We have a lovely Carpet Python. There's nothing she likes more than a stretch in the sunshine.

Our snake handler is usually around all through the day. So it doesn't matter when you arrive to get a closer look!

We also have a mated pair of bearded dragons. They are so friendly and funny. You should see the dance Edward, the male, does when he's enjoying a nice juicy cricket. They are also often out in the sunshine on warm days.


We have Kangaroo Island, Eastern Grey and Western Grey Kangaroos.

They all enjoy staying in the shade of the trees or in their shelter during the summer months but in the winter they're all over the paddock.

You get a good view and chance to experience them close up with our rescue roos on our free trailer ride.

There are always mums with joeys. Most often you'll see them either sticking a head or leg out of the pouch or having a graze before hopping back in.

At night they all come over to the gate for their tea.


Pony rides for children are available at a cost of $5 on most days and are usually scheduled around 11:30-12:00pm and 2:00-2:30pm. The main exceptions being when its very wet weather and when it's hot. Pony rides are only available to paying farm visitors (over 2 year olds) and have a max weight restriction of 50kg. If you are wanting pony rides please book a place on arrival to avoid disappointment as places do quickly fill up as we do have a limit of how many we do for the comfort of our ponies and leaders.

The ponies most often used for pony rides are Pixie and Patches. They are lovely ponies and are very experienced in giving rides to children of all ages (even to 2 year olds).

Pixie is a 13hh grey welsh mountain pony. Along with Patches they share the pony rides. They are fantastic for children to have pony rides on as nothing fazes them and they plod around as quiet as anything. They'll often compete for who wants to be saddled for the pony rides so you can tell how much they enjoy doing them and of course all the attention they get.




Our last emus hatched in October. Although they look scary and intimidating when fully grown, they are actually very friendly and curious animals. You'll get to see them all on our free trailer ride and can have a close up encounter with some of the babies.

For those of you who are brave enough you can stroke the adults too, their feathers feel quite a lot different than you'd expect!


Geese are famous for being great guard dogs. For this reason though they can be quite intimidating to children.

Our geese are therefore available to view only.

They are very noisy and the children seem to love throwing feed over for them and watching them all compete to get there first!

Our latest goslings hatched in October. They're lovely and yellow for the first few weeks but quickly start to look just like Mum and Dad.

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