We have a lovely Carpet Python. There's nothing she likes more than a stretch in the sunshine.

If you're lucky our snake handler may be around to give you a closer look!


We have Kangaroo Island, Eastern Grey and Western Grey Kangaroos.

They all enjoy staying in the shade of the trees or in their shelter during the summer months but in the winter they're all over the paddock.

You get a good view and chance to experience them close up with our rescue roos on our free trailer ride.

At night they all come over to the gate for their tea.


The first pony we bought is a 13.3hh bay welsh mountain pony called Bundi.

She was rescued by the lady we bought her from five years ago and has been loved ever since!

With lots of love and patience she has become a lovely pony for the pony rides.

Bundi gives pony rides for the older children.


Pixie is a 13hh grey welsh mountain pony.

She is fantastic for the smaller children to have pony rides on as nothing fazes her and she plods around as quiet as anything.



We have had our emus since they were hatched and although they look scary and intimidating, they are actually very friendly and curious animals. You'll get to see them on our free trailer ride.

For those of you who are brave enough you can stroke them, their feathers feel quite a lot different than you'd expect!


Geese are famous for being great guard dogs. For this reason though they can be quite intimidating to children.

Our geese are therefore available to view only.

They are very noisy and the children seem to love throwing feed over for them and watching them all compete to get there first!

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